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Equity Capital from $1 to $10 million
BSI Energy Partners, LLC is a provider of capital and management support to the independent oil and gas and energy services market. Unlike providers who are only interested in large capital opportunities, BSI Energy Partners, LLC is specifically focused on partnering with independent producers and/or energy service companies that require $1 to $10 million of equity capital in order to achieve material growth.

Experience and Perspective
BSI Energy Partners, LLC provides both capital and expertise to facilitate the growth aspirations of independent producers and service companies.   The Principals of BSI Energy Partners, LLC have comprehensive hands on experience in the acquisition, operation, exploitation and financing of oil and gas properties and energy service assets, providing a unique perspective from which to assist others engaged in the independent producer and energy services sector.

Value-Added Services
Because BSI Energy Partners, LLC believes in helping its partners meet and exceed their goals, we offer support functions as necessary to maximize asset potential.

The Principals of BSI Energy Partners, LLC, along with its existing staff, have the capacity and experience to assist with accounting, tax, finance, engineering, and legal functions, allowing our partners to focus on the growth and exploitation of assets.



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